North Central Alfalfa

Matt Ehlers


Angie Ehlers


Office: 785-794-2240


Cell: 785-335-3150


Fax: 785-794-2241


Raising alfalfa and registered Hereford cattle in North Central Kansas, Matt and Angie Ehlers know the alfalfa business from both ends, as producers and consumers. We strive to raise a quality product to feed our own animals and market the hay as if we were going to feed it ourselves. We try to provide a consistent, quality product that will make our customers happy and keep them coming back for more. Being in the cattle business ourselves, we know that the break-evens fluctuate from year to year and that input costs are the best way to assure an operation a profit. We want to  be a steady source for your feed needs and will not bend to drastic market swings. We pride ourselves on repeat customers and look forward to dealing with you.

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Read an outstanding Letter to the Editor in Agribusiness Dairyman and although I cannot link to their page directly from here, I would like to share it by posting the URL address here.  If you have time to check it out, it's a good reflection on how we feel about government involvement in agriculture.